Friday, November 12, 2010

should I called her as my BFF ?

seriously I still can't believe what I've heard last Thursday ! It was all clear that night ! Our own best friend betrays our relationship ! She rather choose that guy than her friends . She looks very innocent ! She looks really nice ! But we never thought that she could be this far ! Seriously this is really hurts ! Extremely hurts our feeling ! All her smiles, her laughs, her jokes are all FAKE ! I have no idea how am I going to face her after this ! She says I left her ! Honestly saying I DID NOT ! I never left her alone ! I will asked her each and every time I'm going somewhere ! but what did she says 'I'M NOT GOING' ! so what is that ? Did I left her ! Did I ?? Who is the one who left her friend ? Is it me ? ME !!?? Oh God ! Please ! I never thought that she could done this to her own friends ! What about FORGIVE & FORGET ? NO !!
Maybe I can forgive her but I CAN'T FORGET what she had done to us ! Then IF I COULD TURN BACK THE CLOCK I DON'T WANT TO MEET HER OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER OR EVEN BEING HER BEST FRIEND ! This is seriously hurts ! Even if she wants to apologize I can't put a trust on her anymore ! NOT ANYMORE!

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