Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm back !!
Haven't update this blog since the last post .Went to my kampong last week . On Wednesday !
I can't say that I'm not enjoying my holiday there but sometimes it will be some kind of boring.
Like there's no electricity.
Well, I guess I'm OK with that .
11/06/2010. On Friday's evening.
We went to decorate the church for the wedding ceremony which will be held on the next day .
At night, went to church to do the rehearsal .
Done !
Then we went back home. Decorated the car and it was 1 in the morning .

A lot of people and relatives came to help with the wedding preparations.
At 3am, they started to cook and prepared all things till 8am .
At 6am, the brides and all the people who were involved with this ceremony needs to wake up and get ready because it will take a long time to make over all the flower girls and the brides herself.

Actually, there's a lot of things happened on this day but I just can't tell it all here.
If I'm going to tell the whole story maybe it will take me 2 or 3 days to finish it .
Well, it was a really great experience.

Congratulations to this newly married couple Lennis & Ruth. God Bless !

God Bless :DD

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